Beginner looking for advice -- can I use HiveMQ to get Pi data into Azure?

Hi HiveMQ community!

I’m looking to get sensor data from my Raspberry Pi into Azure. Can I do that with HiveMQ?

I’m currently using a Python script to poll data from the sensor on my Pi and store it in an SQLite database on the Pi. (Maybe I don’t even need the SQLite database in my workflow?)

Can I use Python to send data to the HiveMQ cloud broker?

Sorry if these are obvious questions. I’m very, very new to this and just trying to get started. I’ve been searching around and it’s not clear at all.

Grateful for any advice!


We have a pretty recent blog post describing publishing to a HiveMQ Cloud broker from a Raspberry Pi using Micropython here:

You may not need everything the author does, but I am hopeful it will get you everything you need to get started. If it’s not quite what you needed, try searching the blog site for “raspberry” (and Azure!) for more potentially helpful posts.

Seth - HiveMQ Support