Hello everyone. I am doing the TFG (University) and I need to connect my ESP32 board to the HiveMQ broker using microPython as IDE. I need to know if there is a microPython library similar to PubSubClient.h (Arduino). I would also like to have an example of how the MQTT client would be implemented in that environment. Thanks.

Hi @Juanma ,

Great to see your and your universities interest in MQTT, welcome to our community :wave:

We have a blog article on a similar topic, though it is not about ESP32, but about RPi Pico W:

There is also a blog article on ESP32, though it is not in MicroPython, but in C:

Let me know if you find any of these articles helpful
Dasha from HiveMQ team

A bundle of thanks, Dasha! This is exactly what I had been looking for for so many days!