Retrieving mqtt messages with aws

I have a raspberry pi in a remote location which publishes mqtt messages via hivemq. I can read these messages with node-red by using the mqtt in node in combination with the url for my cluster.
I now want to read the mqtt messages in my aws account. The things network supports this, but I cannot see how to do it in the hivemq documentation. I would be very grateful if someone could explain how to do it.

Hello @mczakk

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Can you please elaborate on what you mean by reading mqtt messages in AWS account?

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Hi @SShet ,
I’m afraid this will be a bit of a long-winded reply!
I have inherited a data collection network using LoRaWAN sensors in a forest.
At present the data comes in three streams, all collected on a raspberry pi using node-red.
One stream is sent through IoT to The Things network, which I have successfully integrated with aws.
Another stream is collected from a third party API using an aws lambda rule.
The final piece of the jigsaw is a Bresser 5-in-1 weather station, it’s data is collected by a raspberry pi running rtl_433 to sniff the data from the Bresser and publish as mqtt using mosquitto.
The node-red mqtt in node uses a hivemq url to subscribe to the messages.
I want to use aws to subscribe to these mqtt messages.
So my question is, how do I do this!