HiveMQ Cloud with Pi PICO W and Node-Red

Hi, I’ve created a free HiveMQ cloud cluster and have successfully published to it from my Pi PICO W - I am counting pulses and sending them to the cloud.
I have then configured Node-red and added some injects to send timestamp, some text (Hello) and a number (123456) to my cloud server - this all works OK and I can see the data in HiveMQ.
My problem is the Pi Pico W will not publish information to the cloud when Node-red is connected.

Is this something fundamental like I’m using the free version and it won’t handle 2 things connected.
Or is it something else? I’m using TLS but not entered any certificates - is this the problem?

Any help much appreciated.

Hello @rakplc,

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! HiveMQ Cloud Free offer allows 100 MQTT client sessions. Please make sure that you are using different Client IDs on Pi Pico W and Node-RED.

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

That’s it - so simple!