Communication Pi and mobile app

Need some guidance.
I plan and make a communication between rasbarry pi (node-red) to HiveMQ and on to a Unity app. Do I have to use API Apache and mosquitto mqtt to make this work. or is it just entering a code with the address?

Hi Frank,

First, I want to welcome you to our HiveMQ community! Unfortunately, it is unclear what you mean by “just entering a code with the address”.

For setting up a Raspberry Pi with Node Red and HiveMQ you might find the following article useful:

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Dasha from HiveMQ Team

hi Daria_H :slight_smile: and thanks for the feedback.
I have added a picture that may be more explanatory than what I can explain. what I am looking for is to create the communication here. and need some help getting started.

Hi Frank,

Thank you for the picture. Hi Frank,

For getting started I strongly recommend you to go through our MQTT Essentials series. It explains the core of MQTT concepts, its features and other essential information.

I hope this helps!

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