Shelly with HiveMQ Cloud?

Does someone communicate from a Shelly device to HiveMQ Cloud?

I’m trying but I don’t see any Data traffic.
I can connect with the web client and see the published text with mqtt.fx.

It is a Shelly Uni and I know, that this generation of Shelly doesn’t support SSL.
(“Shelly devices do not support secure MQTT connections” is written somewhere in the www)
Does this mean, it will not work to HiveMQ Cloud?


Hello @MaMu

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! Yes, that’s correct. Shelly Gen1 series, does not natively support Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. The early Shelly Gen1 devices were designed to communicate without encryption.

Shelly Gen1 devices are based on an old ESP8266 MCU and Shelly Uni is based on a custom ESP microcontroller, these devices are not powerful enough to work with encryption.

Newer versions of the Shelly devices, such as the Plus and Pro (ESP32 MCU) subsequent models, support TLS encryption natively.

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

Thanks a lot for the answer!
Yes, I tried it with a Shelly Plus 1PM and it worked with no problems!
It’s pity, because I would need the DC voltage measurement…