Client to test the connection to HiveMQ Cloud

I’ve just created an HiveMQ Cloud instance to test the MQTT protocol.
I’ve seen there are some examples on how to connect to the broker using many programming languages.
But is there an online tool or a plugin to connect to HiveMQ Cloud?
I can’t connect using neither MqttLens nor using Hive Browser client, I think beacause I need a client that supports tcp and ssl. Is it right?

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Hi @ioclaudio

Welcome to our community forum! Great to see your interest in HiveMQ Cloud!

You are right, the app/client needs to support MQTT over TCP and SSL, because at the moment HiveMQ Cloud does not offer a web socket port to connect to. Therefor the HiveMQ Web Client wont work.

MQTT Lens supports MQTT with TCP, but unfortunately it does not support SSL. => does not work.

You could use the MQTT-CLI f.e. There is a guide for at Cluster Details → getting started. Another option is to create a own client application with the use of the HiveMQ Client library. (I did this and it worked perfectly).

Unfortunately I dont know a tool with a nice GUI right now.

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I use MQTT Explorer to connect to brokers (inc free HiveMQ) for monitoring and testing

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Thank you, on Windows MQTT Explorer works and uses TLS.
I’ve tried it with my instance of MQTTCloud and it works well.
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I’ve found other two clients for Android that you can use to connect to HiveMq Cloud: MQTT Client and IoTMqttPanel. However it is strange that the HiveMQ client doesn’t communicate with the broker HiveMq Cloud :slight_smile:

what OS do you use?? On Linux just open terminal and use mosquitto. No programming required! No, you do not need complicated interfaces. Just type the mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub (other way round :wink: on the command line - done and working :wink: Yes, works local or flawless with HiveMQ! In doubt go to and watch out for the talk from Uwe Berger about MQTT. That’s a simple intro. And do not use mosquitto before Version 2.x, very frustrating and disappointing experience :frowning:

Hi there,

If you are looking for a command line solution, we would recommend using the MQTT CLI it works on all platforms and provide a lot of functionality.
You can also find examples of testing your HiveMQ Cloud Cluster on our HiveMQ Cloud getting started guide.

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