Forwarding message to AWS SQS from HiveMQ

I am looking for a solution to forward message from HiveMQ broker to AWS SQS.
My current understanding is that I will have to create a custom plugin.
I want to know whether it is something that is feasible and can be done through HiveMQ Extension SDK?
If yes, then where should I look for to start? Any specific service or concept I should look into?
The sending message part for AWS can done through AWS Java SDK.

Hello @mister.durden ,

Great to see your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ products!

In order to provide you with a good advise, we need some more information on your use case:

  • Do you need to “forward” all messages that are published to the broker or only messages with some particular topic filter?

  • Is it your requirement to use HiveMQ extension SDK and implement this on the broker side? Or any solution that will “forward” messages would suffice?

I am asking because this also can be done on the client side. For example, you can use an MQTT Client that will subscribe to the needed topic filter at the broker, receive messages and publish them to your AWS SQS.

In case it is required for you to implement a HiveMQ Extension, you can take a look at the source code of publicly available HiveMQ Extensions, for example at GitHub - hivemq/hivemq-aws-cloudwatch-extension: HiveMQ extension for transferring monitoring data to AWS CloudWatch.

I hope this helps.

Dasha from HiveMQ

Hi Dasha,
Its not specifically required to forward all the messages. I am thinking of targeting a certain topic or set of topics that needs to be forwarded.
And yes I want to implement it on the broker side only.

Hi @mister.durden ,
thanks for providing more information regarding your request. When targeting a topic or a limited set of topics, it make more sense to subscribe your consumer(s) to those topics, as a normal MQTT Client, and benefit from all MQTT features.
Since you want to implement on the broker side only, HiveMQ Extension SDK also provides a way to intercept MQTT messages. To find more info and examples please refer to Interceptors :: HiveMQ Documentation

For creating your first HiveMQ Extension please refer to GitHub - hivemq/hivemq-hello-world-extension: HiveMQ extension for demonstrating the HiveMQ extension system

I hope this helps,
Dasha from HiveMQ team