HiveMQ Android Lib with AWS IoT

Hello guys,

can i use the hivemq android client to connect with AWS IoT Server ? or, is there a restriction to use it and needs to use amazon sdk for android?

Virgilio Magalhaes.

Hi Virgilio,

Thank you for your patience.
The HiveMQ MQTT Client fully supports the MQTT standards 3.1.1 and 5.0.
It can be used with any MQTT broker that also supports either of those standards.

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Florian from the HiveMQ Team.

Hey Virgilio,

As far as i know the AWS IoT Server does not fully support MQTT, f.e. you can not use retained messages. Further it does not support QoS-2. There is a list of the not supported features here: A complete comparison is given here:

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Hi Daniel, thank you :slight_smile:

But it does not work if you will use 443 with Amazon IoT. What is the solution?