Connecting HiveMQ Cloud to Alexa Skill

Hi at all!

Is it possible to me, connecting the HiveMQ Cloud to Alexa Skill for getting Data sended by an ESP32?
I tryed it but it is was not possible to me! Maybe someone has an working Skill example…


Hi Jojo,

You are welcome to our HiveMQ community!
Unfortunately we don’t have a skill example for you. Our examples are publicly available at HiveMQ Cloud · GitHub.

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hi Dasha,

trhank you for your Replay!
Unfortunately, i was now able to connect my Alexa Device to the HiveMQ Cloud by using MQTT.


Hi Jojo,
Can you send me the tutorial or an example how do you pub/sub from Alexa? I’m facing the same problem