Pubsub extension

Is it possible to use the pubsub extension in the HiveMQ cloud?

If not, is it possible to host on Azure or AWZ? I don’t like the idea of running it in Docker or on a local computer.

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It is possible to utilize the Google Cloud Pub/Sub extension with HiveMQ Cloud. This feature is specifically available to accounts using a Dedicated-tier cloud implementation. The versioning differences between Cloud accounts are available on this page here, and more specific information can be obtained using the ‘Contact Us’ button below the ‘Dedicated’ option.

As for external hosting, we do support Cloud platforms, and our install guides for these platforms are available here.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team

Thanks for the quick response @AaronTLFranz

Is it possible to use the pubsub extension via external hosting?

Hello @jenna

That is correct. More specific details on the different versions of HiveMQ are available here.

When hosting through an external provider, such as AWS or Azure, HiveMQ has the same functionality one would expect when hosting it locally. All of the different currently supported deployment options have detailed installation guides available here, as well.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team

Hi @AaronTLFranz,

When going through the documentation it doesn’t look like there are any guides on how to use the pubsub extension (or any extension aside from the cluster discovery) on the HiveMQ Cloud or external hosting services.

Can you point me in the direction of a link that walks me through it?


Hello @jenna ,

When utilizing HiveMQ cloud, the license required would be that of the ‘Dedicated’ level. The specific implementation of Pub/Sub would be coordinated with our team during the licensing process, during which the details of the implementation would be scoped with coordination of our Sales team members (available through this link).

When deploying through an external host, such as AWS or Azure, the configuration would be the same as installing and configuring the extension on a local installation. One specific point of note is that the license for the installed HiveMQ instance would need to be Professional or Enterprise. The configuration details for installing this extension on a local or externally hosted HiveMQ installation is available here.


Aaron from HiveMQ Team

@AaronTLFranz your responses have been very helpful, thank you!

Now for a more technical question:

Originally I had devices talking to Google Cloud Pubsub and all published messages were exported straight to Google Bigquery. Google Cloud Pubsub subscriptions give the options to “push”, “pull”, or “Export to Bigquery”. See image below.

The HiveMQ docs say to use the default subscription settings which is to “pull”. However it is more convenient to export straight to Bigquery because it avoids the use of Google Dataflow (and the costs associated with that).

When trying to use the “Export to Bigquery” subscription type, I get an error on my locally running HiveMQ saying that it can’t connect to my subscription. However using the “pull” method works just fine.

Is the “Export to Bigquery” implementation not available with the HiveMQ pubsub extension? Or is this a limitation of the free license I am temporarily using? Or am I integrating it incorrectly?


Hello @jenna

Due to the nature of the functionality of the Pub/Sub extension, the ‘Pull’ method of delivery is required for proper integration.

If you are seeing proper functionality with ‘Pull’ selected, then I believe you have properly integrated the Pub/Sub extension!

Aaron from HiveMQ Team


Thanks for all the help!