Can you use MySQL extension with HiveMQ Cloud?


I want to setup HiveMQ broker to push messages to a MySQL database, through the extension. Can I use the MySQL extension via the HiveMQ Cloud or do I need to hist the broker myself on my own servers?

Would appreciate any help as I couldn’t see any clear answers in the documentation.


Hello @frobak ,

Thank you for the outreach, and welcome to the HiveMQ Community!

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for MySQL is a licensed extension available for HiveMQ self-managed Professional or Enterprise Broker editions. It is not currently available as a HiveMQ Cloud extension. With that said, the HiveMQ Enterprise edition is available to utilize in an evaluation mode for up to five hours at a time, including with this extension, allowing the ability to test both this broker version and the MySQL extension.

The extension itself, while bundled with HiveMQ Enterprise edition, can also be reviewed from its page here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team