Install extensions on HiveMQ Cloud cluster


Is it possible to install extensions (such as this one) on a HiveMQ Cloud cluster? I’m unable to find any documentation on whether or not this is possible.

It is also not clear which edition is available with HiveMQ Cloud. Is it a community, professional or enterprise edition?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hi @Frosty ,

HiveMQ broker is the product that you can download, deploy and host by yourself (self-hosted) or use it as a hosted service from the HiveMQ Cloud.

HiveMQ Cloud offer come in 3 flavours: Free, Pay-as-you-go and Dedicated. If you buy a Dedicated package you can also install extensions. To find out all details of the offer and pricing please use “Contact Us” button under the “Dedicated”: HiveMQ Cloud - Free Fully Managed MQTT Platform

When you host a HiveMQ broker cluster on your own, you can download, install and use extensions on your own.

You can either download a Community Edition that is open source or Enterprise Edition, that is a commercial offer. The Enterprise Edition will work for a few hours and with limited number of connections without a license. To continue using the Enterprise Edition for commercial use or to develop own extension based on the Enterprise SDK you will need to buy a Professional or Enterprise license. See all 3 self-hosted options comparison here: Discover the 3 different editions of HiveMQ. If there is any aspect missing from the comparison please let us know.

The this one extension is open source so you should be able to use it both with Community and Enterprise Edition.

I hope this helps!
Dasha from HiveMQ team