HIveMQ Cloud Enterprise Edition features


Being new to HiveMQ, I am currently testing a ServerLess free edition that lacks some features that I need.

Therefore I am trying to understand the features of an Enterprise Edition (HiveMQ Cloud, referred as a “Dedicated” one in many instances), and actually having a hard time differentiating between HiveMQ Cloud features and Self Managed features.

My understanding is that Enterprise (and only this one) allows the installation of Extensions.
Does that mean that the following features are available ?

Hi @gildas_leaute

Welcome to the HiveMQ Community! We’re delighted that you’re interested in MQTT and the HiveMQ broker. Your enthusiasm is truly appreciated.

First, I’d like to make sure you have access to the latest documentation. The link you mentioned is for the obsolete version 3.x documentation. For the most up-to-date version (4.17) documentation and information, please visit Interceptors :: HiveMQ Documentation. This will provide you with the latest features and enhancements available in HiveMQ.

Speaking about custom extensions, the full-managed (HiveMQ Cloud) Enterprise package, unlike the Starter, allows for custom integration, mutual TLS, or Proxy protocol support. However, to get a tailored solution suited for your enterprise use case, we suggest contacting our Professional Services team via the form HiveMQ - All information about our pricing structure.

Best regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team