How to get client connection status on MQTT?

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Is it possible to get client connection status on MQTT in server side to update client status?
When any new client is connect I want status of that client.

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According to the MQTT specification, to notify about its connection status, the MQTT client should publish a status message to the status topic you choose, for example, client1234 can publish to the topic “client1234/connectionStatus” a (retained) message “online”, client2480 can publish to the topic “client2480/connectionStatus” and so on. A backend client just has to subscribe to “+/connectionStatus” and it will receive all client connection messages.

Additionally, enterprise-grade HiveMQ broker provides Broker REST API that allows querying the broker regarding a client’s connection: HiveMQ 4.17.0 REST API documentation. Find out which HiveMQ offerings support this feature at the comparison page.

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