About "HiveMQ cluster" Status 🟒

Dear HiveMQ Team.

Short version:
The "Status = :green_circle: ", what does it mean ?

Loing Version:
On the very nice dashboard available for your MQTT broker I can see that there is a Status = :green_circle: so I would imagine that β€œall is OK” but to be precise: What do you exactly measure ?
I am asking because I would like to implement some metrics on by side, by myself, but I am not 100% what would be the best practices to monitor the status of a MQTT Broker.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Belgium.

Omar C.

Hi @omarecd ,

Great that you are interested in MQTT and HiveMQ, please be welcome in our Community Forum.

HiveMQ allows different kinds of monitoring you can chose one that suits your use case best.

From the extensive list of available metrics you pick those that make sense to you, for example com.hivemq.cluster.nodes.count that is used in our nice dashboard.

For our own tasks we prefer HiveMQ monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.

I hope this answers your question?
Kind regards
Dasha from HiveMQ team