REST API with the public broker


I’m connected to the free public MQTT broker with a device via MQTT successfully.
I would like to find out the connection ‘keepalive’ value through the REST API request to get detailed client information.

Postman attempts of ‘GET’ request to “{MyClientId}” are responded by an HTML (not JSON) response with a ‘404 page not found’ page.

  • Am I sending the request to the wrong endpoint? If so what would be the correct one?
  • Does the public broker supports the API?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated :pray:

Hello @Wadite,

Welcome to the HiveMQ Community Forum.

Thank you for reaching out and for successfully connecting your device to our free public MQTT broker. We appreciate your interest in obtaining detailed client information via the REST API.

REST API functionality is not supported on our public broker. However, you can explore the capabilities of our HiveMQ Cloud Starter plan, which offers REST API support among other features. This plan would allow you to test the functionality you are seeking.

We hope this helps. Feel free to reach us in case of any questions.

Sheetal from the HiveMQ Team

Thanks a lot for the answer. :pray: