HiveMQ MQTT broker in MS Azure

Latest explantion on Azure endpoint setup can be found in this link:

The article title from September 2012:

HiveMQ: MQTT in the Microsoft Cloud on Windows Azure

This may be outdated and I search for the most recent path of getting the HiveMQ MQTT broker up and running in minutes on the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud - with Websockets enabled.

The article I was refered to was the following:

Launch HiveMQ on Azure with an ARM Quickstart Template

Any information on the below questions will be appreciated:

  1. Are Endpoints no longer nessesary? If they are how can these be set up in Azure Virtual Machines as of June 2021?
  2. Is the HiveMQ Azure Resource Manager (ARM) quickstart template a pathway to setup endpoints? How can this template be configured to allow websockets?