HiveMQ - Azure Cloud

Hi Team,
I have set HiveMQ self managed cloud instance in Azure, using ARM template(HiveMQ Cloud Installation :: HiveMQ Documentation).
I can login to HiveMQ Control Center also.

To publish/subcribe the messages, we need to configure the usernames and passwords.
Where I have to configure these.

Also, can I have sample implementation or document, to publish the messages through C# and subscribe the messages from MQTTFx client.


Hello @ViswanathDR ,

Thank you for the outreach and the interest in HiveMQ!

To start with, in order to best provide available options for you, we would need to know the specific HiveMQ broker version that was implemented, as well as licensing details if you are not using the HiveMQ Community Edition broker.

For both Community Edition and licensed edition brokers, some details on security can be found here. This includes details such as TLS/SSL implementation, and more.

If you are using the HiveMQ Community Edition, the File RBAC extension, available here, provides the ability to implement username/password authentication.

If you are using a licensed HiveMQ Enterprise or Professional broker, the Enterprise Security Extension is an incredibly robust security extension, offering custom authentication and authorization pipelines, and support for many existing authentication methods such as LDAP, SQL Realm authentication, OAuth, and more.

As for publishing messages with C#, I recommend taking a look at the available documentation for this C# client library for examples. A great place to get started is here, directly on the C# client’s Github page.

For MQTT.fx, our HiveMQ MQTT.fx page (here) contains some suggestions, examples, and usage details.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

Thanks Aaron for the support.