How to HiveMQ Broker License with TLS configure Azure

How to hivemq broker(license) setup with azure cloud ? How to monitoring data into azure. Im search it your blog’s but im not get clearly please help me.

Hello @tamiloli

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! Sorry but I didn’t get you, could you please share more details on what are you trying to accomplish with HiveMQ and Azure?

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Diego from HiveMQ Team

Is my need connect hivemq cluster broker with credential and tls configuration into azure.
Host :

Im try to Creating IIoT Data Pipeline Using MQTT and Kafka: A Step-by-Step Guide It’s works fine. But i donot where setup and configure my HiveMQ cluster with kafka extension inside the azure. Please help me

Hello, @tamiloli

It looks like there may be a bit of confusion here between HiveMQ versions. The guide you have linked is utilizing the HiveMQ self-deployed broker, more information for which is available here.

If you are looking to use Kafka integration with a HiveMQ cloud instance, this guide is more accurate to the configuration you are intending.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team