Wildcard MQTT topics in HiveMQ Cloud Kafka integration


I have successfully been able to configure the HiveMQ Cloud broker to send data to Azure Event Hubs through the Kafka Integration.

However, I would like to route several MQTT topics through the Kafka integration to Azure Event Hubs. I tried to achive this by using a wildcard MQTT-topic:

As you can see, I am not allowed to configure a MQTT wildcard topic.

Is there a way to route several MQTT topics through the same Kafka integration or is there a way to create several parallell Kafka integrations (with one topic for each Kafka integration)? Right now I am on the free HiveMQ Cloud broker. Would this be possible with a paid version of the cloud broker?

Hi mekker,

Currently we are not allowing the use of topic wildcards due to the newness of the feature - we are performing adoption analysis and load testing to see if there is a fit and ensuring stability for now.

Assuming the new integration remains stable, wildcards could be enabled in the future, but we don’t have a time frame for that at this time. Full topic control is available for our Dedicated tier Cloud customers since they have full cluster access (and thus full access to HiveMQ broker extensions) like our self-deployed customers.

We’ve gotten similar feedback from some other customers as well, so the internal team is definitely aware of the interest!

Thank you for your interest in HiveMQ Cloud.

Seth - HiveMQ Support

I understand,

When I configure the Kafka integration to connect to Azure Event Hubs, the status of the integration first goes to “Running” but after a while, the status goes to “Starting”:

Why is this, is it some kind of stability issue? Is the integration only meant for development environments right now?