HIVEMQ conection with m5stack core2

Hi, i´m working with m5stack core 2 device and i can connect with the hivemq public server but not with my private cluster. Do someone know if the ssl certificates are the problem? I´ll send the images too for having a better idea.

Hello Javier Sanchez,

First, please make sure that port 8883 is not blocked. We suggest using MQTT CLI client. Command line:

mqtt sub -t # -h -p 8883 -u HiveUser1 -pw HiveUser1 -s -J -d

Make sure to use option -d to capture the debug output. Option -s forces the client to use default SSL configuration.

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hi Daria

I have tried to connect the port 8883 with mosquitto client and I can connect it without problems using the guide from HiveMQ, so I guess the port is not blocked.


Hi Javier,

Once you are sure that the port is open, next, please inspect the error message that your client shows (upon unsuccessful connection attempt). What does the error message say?

Dasha from HiveMQ Team