Client certificate: doubts

just for don’t waste more time on create a connection with hivemq…
I’ve created a free account (serverless) to do some tests…

I want to connect a NUCLEO board based on STM32 with hivemq…
What guide I’ve to follow to set the certificates for SSL layer?


Seems described the iter for a correct certificate…
In my particular case what is the correct guide?
I followed this " HowTo configure TLS with client certificates (self-signed) for HiveMQ using Keytool"
but… here I see this:
Using PEM files (for mosquitto_pub/_sub and other clients)
Why is mentioned mosquitto?
I supposed that the network for MQTT was one single broker and many clients. Or I confused?

In the procedure where is involved the “isrgrootx1.pem”?
Thank you

Hello @lonejack

Welcome to the HiveMQ Community! The article provided is focused on the on-premises installation of HiveMQ Broker, like scenarios where HiveMQ is deployed locally.

To connect to HiveMQ Cloud Serverless instance you must upload Let’s Encrypt CA to your device and make sure it supports SNI (Server Name Indication).

You can find more information in our FAQ section at Frequently Asked Questions

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team