Connecting via MQTT Dash Android app

I’m trying to connect usinf my “MQTT Dash” app on m y phone I have added a server connection and entered the URL, username and password but it will not connect.
I have used the long url ending in shown in my accounts and the username/password and port.
It just says connection failed.
I use this succesfully with another MQTT server.

Hello, @gadjet ,

Thank you for the interest in MQTT and HiveMQ - welcome to the community!

I’m unfamiliar with the client utilized for the MQTT Dash app - would it be possible to provide a link to documentation for this client? This will help us review any further needs that may be required for connectivity.

Typically, when connecting to a Cloud broker, the full domain name, username/password, and port are required - by default, port 8883 is utilized (8884 for Websocket connections).

Additionally, HiveMQ does offer an Android-based client, the documentation for which is available here.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team

Hi I finally got it working although I’m not certain what was stoppping it fromo working.
the app I use is found here MQTT Dash

I will look at the app


Hello @gadjet ,

Glad to hear it!

If you happen to have any more questions, please feel free to use the community forum. We are always happy to help.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team

Hi , I am unable to coennet to the Cluster - using any external clients. I am struggling with this from last two days - I am Using Mqqtt Dash Client from Android -
Where as when I use the HIveMQ Web client everything works fine.
Can you please tell me - How to get the SSL encryption certificate, on the client? How to create, how to use?
The fields which I have on the client side -
port - 8883
??? Should I Download any SSL certificate to my Mobile device?
???Should I just use Self Signed SSl/TLS?

In my ESP8266 Code I have the SSL Certificate - Should I download and use the same here ?

Can you please help - as I am completely stuck - unable to connect to the broker using third party clients.

Hello @tushada ,

Thank you for the outreach, and welcome to the HiveMQ Community!

Based on the configuration details you’ve provided, it looks like you are using the HiveMQ Cloud broker. With that in mind, the server certificate can be obtained from our FAQ post, available here.

Some connections will require the certificate, depending on the client, and it sounds like that is likely the case here as well. If you run into any further roadblocks, feel free to reach out, and again, welcome to the HiveMQ Community!

Aaron from HiveMQ Team