Node-Red TLS connection

Hi all. How do you set up Node-Red to connect to the free HiveMQ cloud server. I need some certificate files etc. Where do I get those files from?

Does nobody use Node-Red and HiveMQ?

Hi @TinkerBot,

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Check out our HiveMQ Cloud FAQ post. It contains a tutorial to create a server certificate.


@fraschbi thank you for the reply. I did as the link stated.

and then it generates a file with 3 begin and end certificates in it

I use the file in the Node Red TLS config.

But Node Red will not connect

What am I doing wrong?

I wanted to share screenshots but the forum doees not allow me to show it.

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My node-red worked.
I just checked the “Enable secure connection” without generating any certificate.


The above settings don’t work for me. The publish node just keeps on showing the “connecting” status in yellow.

Same Issue for me, just get connecting with above settings. Have connected to the public broker no problem.

Hey Khurram and mogster,

welcome to the community forums! Are you still having connection issues after creating and using a server CA, as described in our FAQ?

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