Hivemq-ce extension hot-reload not working as documented

Hi there,

does the hot reload work with the CE edition of HiveMQ?

I tried on a system that already run several weeks. After failing there I used the docker-compose-hivemq-c project to test with a fresh local install. Still no success.

I tried starting the hivemq broker with the extensions directory not in the ./extensions/ directory and then tried to move it to there.

Therefor I think, that the CE Edition is simply not capable of using hot-reload of extensions.

Hello @Markus.kohn.gwa ,

That is correct - HiveMQ Community Edition does require the extensions to be loaded at startup, and does not feature hot-reload functionality.

This functionality becomes available with the Professional or Enterprise editions. More information on the difference between these versions is available here.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team