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Hi all,

I am new to this topic and I apologise for basic questions but somehow I need to get started. : )

I would like to use HiveMQ CE for testing purposes and have installed HiveMQ CE on a CENTOS8 server. I would like to simply open the web ui which does not work.

When I install the version with 25 free connections I can open the web ui and there is no problem.

What do I need to do to reach the web ui in the CE version? Thank you for any help : )


Hi Amir!
Welcome to the HiveMQ Community, we are happy to have.
And don’t worry: Basic questions are very welcome :slight_smile:
The HiveMQ Community Edition does have the control center feature.
See the Editions page for a detailed list about features of each HiveMQ edition.

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Hi Florian,

thank you for your response and understanding for basic questions :slight_smile:
What can I use instead?


Hello Amir,

Please excuse my delayed response.
I guess it depends what you want to achieve. A number of features are are exclusive to the Control Center / HiveMQ Professional/Enterprise Editions.
Usually the HiveMQ Message Log Extension is popular to get additional insights to the Broker.
You can also set up Monitoring, for example with the use of Prometheus & Grafana with the HiveMQ CE.
I hope this helps.

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