Docker Image for HiveMQ CE


I wanted to use the official Docker images for a private one-man project. I thought when I use the regular version (non dns-x.x.x tag) I’m getting the free community edition as long as I don’t provide any environment variables for the professional/enterprise features. What I get from the CE is more than enough.

Unfortunately all the official images seems to be paid versions which has to be licensed. Did I miss anything or is this the case? Would be a really pity if I have to move to another MQTT broker.

Maybe there is a possibility to issue a license with the restrictions of the CE edition? As often happens, I will use for business the products, I know and trust from private. Like to get familiar with HiveMQ.

Thank you very much.
Best Danny

Hi @dannyyy ,

I guess you got the image from the HiveMQ4 dockerhub repository? This repo contains only HiveMQ4 related images, which is the enterprise version.

For the official image of the community version you’ll need to wait for this Pull Request:

Kind regards,
Michael from the HiveMQ team

Hi @dannyyy,

You can find the new HiveMQ CE Docker images here:
Please note to use the tag :snapshot .

Kind regards,