Free cluster ip address (static or dynamic)

I want IOT SIM to connect to hive mq free cluster, but IOT SIM requires server IP address white labelling first. So if I have instance, and I get the IP address of the same, will it be static or dynamic? If is it dynamic, how can I make free cluster work with the IOT SIM.

Secondly, does paid version has dedicated IP address for production scenarios?

Hello @paragdrring,

Thank you for the outreach and interest in HiveMQ!

This it not something that is presently offered by default with our Cloud packages. Our other offerings, such as HiveMQ CE, Commercial, or Enterprise, support static addressing, though are not cloud solutions.

With that in mind, if you’re interested, a member of our Product Management team would be happy to hear more about the specific implementation requirements of your deployment. I will provide that contact information directly.

Aaron from HiveMQ Team