Schneider M262 with CODESYS (machine expert)

Hi, i recently acquired couple M262 and i was looking at hooking it up through a cloud MQTT broker to allow data transfer betwen different installation/localisation to a centralized NodeRed.

I setted up the HiveMQ account hooked up NodeRed without any major issue. But when i get to the PLC thing get spicy.

There is a builtin library for handling MQTT either as a broker itself or a client. Once on the page to configure the MQTT as a client i am required to enter an IP Adresse. I put the URL there but it expect a real ip adresse… i tried to “nslookup” the URL of my cluster and tried to use that IP adresse to connect to the broker but it did not work…

Any one got any idea ?

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Hi @Mike,

Welcome to the HiveMQ Community Forum.
Currently it is not possible to connect to HiveMQ Cloud Free via an IP address.
The URL must be used.

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Thanks you very much for your answer.

Il dig through their code and see if i can modify it to allow URL connection.