Exporting my data

Hi, So I am very new to MQTT and after a few false starts I finally got my data coming through to the Broker.

The data I am handling is from a heat meter, so it has a few bits of information per chunk that arrives:

  • Date and time
  • Serial number of the meter
  • Kwh of the meter
  • Flow and return temperatures.

With other technologies I have to read meters we get CSV files with a time entry per line against a heat meter. It would be great to just bundle up the last … time period of meter readings that have come through and stick them in a CSV on our FTP/SFTP server.

Alternatively the billing software is a MS Business Central product, so if there is a more direct route than sticking it on the FTP be to digested with the other readings that might work as well.

OR any other thoughts?

Hello @K33NPX

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! While I’m not personally familiar with Dynamics 365 Business Central, I’d like to suggest a potential pathway for the integration you’re seeking. HiveMQ offers robust Databases and Data Analytics extensions that could facilitate the conversion of MQTT messages into a format suitable for ingestion by Business Central

The general idea would be to use these extensions to first store the MQTT data into an external database. From there, you could leverage Business Central’s capability to connect to external databases presumably via a database connector to retrieve and utilize the data within your business processes.

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

Hi Diego,

Thanks for getting back to me, I am not totally familiar with the connectors either so will need to see what the metering and billing software company say.

Are these extensions available on the free version I am currently using? I need to try and test this to see if we can even start using this new equipment or if its just not compatible.


Hello @K33NPX

You’re welcome. Since you mentioned “free version” I believe you are using HiveMQ CE for your tests, and these extensions are not available in CE version.

For evaluation and testing purposes you can use HiveMQ trial version.

The evaluation version of all Enterprise Extensions is limited to operating for only 5 hours. You will need to restart HiveMQ broker each time you want to reset the 5-hour limit.

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team