Browser clients subscribing to medical IoT data from HiveMQ broker

We are working on a browser application that is supposed to display time series data emitted by medical devices. We will be using the HiveMQ broker to receive messages from the medical devices. We are thinking about the possibility of using web sockets from the browser front-end application subscribing to the MQTT broker (the alternative is to channel the messages through a https web application, and have the browser deal only with the https server). We are aware that we will have to iron out the security issues either way :slight_smile: . If anyone has any prior experience in exposing the MQTT broker to the browser front end, will you be able to share with us your thoughts in getting time series data to the browser? BTW, medical practitioners will be looking at the front-end. Thanks!

Hi @rameshr ,

Welcome to our community forum! Great to see your interest in HiveMQ!

So your basic question is how to expose MQTT over web sockets? Its quite easy (without TLS).

Some basics are explained here: HiveMQ - MQTT over Websockets

The configuration of the web socket listeners is documented here: Listeners :: HiveMQ Documentation

However if you want to use SSL (what i highly recommend with any data and especially with medical data, you need to invest some time and read f.e. this: Security :: HiveMQ Documentation)

I hope the material on these links helps you. If you have any other question, feel free to ask.

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