Connection between Kepserver (Kepware) and Hive MQ

Hello everybody,

since a long time, i am trying to bring up a mqtt secure-connection between a KEPServer EX6 an the HiveMQ Cloud, but i get always the message ‘TCP/TLS connect failure’ and i don’t kno why.

TLS/SSL is active, Port is 8883, Firewall is down. I trieded to generate a certifacte and imported that, with any results.
A connection to the public hive, without secure, works.

Perhaps someone has experience with this software.

Hi Carsten,

and welcome to our HiveMQ community! In case if you are using MQTT CLI client, you can connect to your HiveMQ Cloud cluster like this:

mqtt sub -i subscriber -t "#" -s -h -p 8883 -u HiveUser1 -pw HiveUser1 -J -d
mqtt pub -i publisher -t "interesting/topic" -m "hello" -s -h -p 8883 -u HiveUser1 -pw HiveUser1

The -s or --secure flag indicates to use TLS, the -u user and -pw password are needed to authorise the client to your cluster.

In case if your client device requires a server certificate, you can get one with openssl s_client tool as described in our FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this helps, if you are further questions please let me know.

Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hi Carsten

I have installed a KEPserver and for me it works using the following settings:

  1. URL: ssl://
  2. Username, password == my cluster user&pass


Using Java version 1.8. TLS versions supported by the Java: TLS1.2 and TLS1.3.

Please check if your settings are different and send us a screenshot.

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

Hello Daria,

i have tried your suggestions, without success.
I always get this fault message:

Datum Zeit Ebene Quelle Ereignis
08.02.2022 09:47:27 Warnung MQTT Client Fehler bei Verbindungsherstellung zum MQTT-Server. | Kanal = ‘MQTT’, Server = ‘ssl://’, Grund = ‘TCP/TLS connect failure’.

Thanks for your help,

Kind regards

Good evening,

after many attempts, i came to the conclusion that you have to use the IoT-Gateway-Function.
Looks like the Connectivity-Function only works with a local mqtt-broker.



Hi fun surfer,

You are correct: this is about the IoT-Gateway driver.

Dasha from HiveMQ Team

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I was able to setup my HiveMQ and connected a mqtt sensor.

I am not able to communicate my KepServerx with mqtt hive which is hotested locally in my pc.

Please do see screenshots.

Do i need to configure the mqhive somewhere?.

screenshot 2

screenshot 3

Hi @jessedalegimenez ,

Nice to see your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ, welcome to our community!

  1. Do you have any security extension (authentication, authorization) installed for your HiveMQ broker or any client can connect?

  2. Please share the screenshot with the settings that Kepserver is using to connect to the HiveMQ broker: hostname, port, protocol, client id, client MQTT version, the topic you subscribe to.?

  3. If the Kepserver has logs or indicates the connection error via alert, please share the exact error message or a screenshot of the alert.

  4. Check the event.log of your HiveMQ – which events do you see in the log, when your Kepserver is trying to connect. If there are no events at , when your Kepserver is trying to connect?

Looking forward to get more info for analysis from you,
Dasha from HIveMQ team

Hi Daria,

Do you have an email where i can attached the screenshots and log files?.


  1. Here is my setup

No authentication used on IFM side.
We are sending this tag: humidity

  1. Here is the HIVE MQ screenshot where it detects the IFM, KEPWARE IS NOT DETECTED

Hi @jessedalegimenez ,

How do you want your setup to work?

  • Sensor publishes its data to the broker topic IFM_Demo_Kit
  • Kepserver subscribes to the broker topic IFM_Demo_Kit
  1. keware setup

kepware client is not reflecting at HIVE MQ


  • Sensor publishes its data to the broker topic IFM_Demo_Kit
  • Kepserver subscribes to the broker topic IFM_Demo_Kit