Frequently Asked Questions

This thread contains a list of frequently asked questions about HiveMQ Cloud

Can I use Websockets with HiveMQ Cloud?

As of July 15th HiveMQ Cloud does support Websockets as well.

My device requires a server CA file to connect via TLS. How can I generate this for my HiveMQ Cloud instance?

You can create the Server Certificate file using the OpenSSL s_client openssl s_client -connect -showcerts < /dev/null 2> /dev/null | sed -n '/BEGIN/,/END/p' > server.pem
This will create a file called “server.pem”, which you can use as “Server Certiciate”.

How does the billing for HiveMQ Cloud PayAsYouGo work?
  • You get billed $0.10 per device used and $0.15 per GB of data transferred during the current month and the end of each month.
  • HiveMQ Cloud PAYG has no free limits. You are billed from the first device and for all data transferred.
  • Devices refers to the number of concurrently connected devices, as well as offline clients using a persistent session. (MQTTv3: cleanSession=false, MQTTv5: SessionExpiry > 0)
  • You can access your current bill status at: HiveMQ Cloud