Connecting Tasmota Sonoff R2


I am a beginner still but have experience with Tasmota, though not with Hive as a broker.

I have a SOnoff and I have flashed it with tasmota. I have created a cluster on hive cloud. The cluster is running.

In the MQTT Host i have entered the cluster URL, I have changed the port, I have created MQTT Credentials and entered them in the MQTT section of tasmota. I connects successfully to wifi.

Yet i keep getting this in the console and i get no connection. The connection failed it says.
19:21:38.834 MQT: Connect failed to, rc -4. Retry in 120 sec

When i test the MQTT credentials i added in the websocket it works.

Some people say in the MQTT host it has to be an IP¨address not a URL. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @avh1992 ,

To connect with HiveMQ Cloud broker, your device must support and use the TLS-SNI extension (how to check for SNI) and your device might need the server CA file (find the download link here).

I hope this helps.

Dasha from HiveMQ team