Configuring of Data-governance-hub

Hi Team,
I am evaluating HiveMQ for one of our application.
I have successfully depolyed it, in Azure using AKS(HiveMQ Cloud Installation :: HiveMQ Documentation) with trail license.

I can publish and subscribe the messages.

I want to define the Polices and Data validations over the message.
As per the documentation(HiveMQ Data Governance Hub Quick Start Guide :: HiveMQ Documentation), the data-governance-hub needs to be enabled.

Can you please let me know, where to keep the configurations as per above article.

After setup in AKS, I dont see any kind of files anywhere. Do we need to any download and place the files in any specific locations?

Please guide us.

Viswanath Vankadari

Hello @ViswanathDR ,

Thank you for the outreach!

These configurations are most typically modified and maintained via config maps. A common example would be using a config map to implement the ‘config.xml’ file which controls most Broker settings - the typical path for this is /HiveMQ/conf/config.xml.

More details and implementation instructions can be found in the configuration documentation, available here.

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team