HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka


I am new to HiveMQ. I have deployed it on EKS and tried to enable the kafka extension but I couldn’t find any solutions to work around with this. When I enabled it, it says as shown in the below image. Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi Syed,

Thank you for joining the HiveMQ Community Forum and your interest in MQTT!

Can you outline the process you were following to enable or deploy the Kafka extension?

From the error about the missing kafka-configuration.xml, I am curious if you were able to add that file at the path it shows. Typically this would be done by copying the included kafka-configuration-example.xml to the listed path as kafka-configuration.xml, and configure that as needed.

The base Installation documentation for the Kafka extension is here and may assist:

Please let us know if this gets you going or if you run into any other issues or questions.

Seth - HiveMQ Support