Client is not authorized to connect

@DKrueger @Daria_H
Any more suggestion for our issue ? Did you have a chance to have a look at the listeners ?


I am trying to connect a device from Iotify simulator (web to hivemq broker.

when I am using public address and mqtt protocol every thing is ok, but when I am trying to connecting device to MQTT cloud broker for free service and mqtt over TLS, client side says not authorized!

I was searching and reading topics for 2 days but problem not solving still!

Also I want to deploy my local hivemq but after installing, the service of hivemq restart repeatedly each one second!

Please Guide me!

Hi @arctrus ,

Thanks for sharing this. Your local deployment might fail due to insufficient resources:

Does your hardware meet Minimum Hardware Requirements?

For connecting to the HiveMQ Cloud broker you need to enable TLS, specify port 8883, supply Username and Password. Your client should have the TLS extension Server Name Indication (SNI) enabled. Please refer to this post that explains how to check this.

I hope this helps,
Dasha from HiveMQ team

Any update on this issue? I am facing the same issue. other brokers works, ffree hive MQ works, but HiveMQ Cluster with username not works…

in the discussion is encoding and encryption mentioned. Any reference how HiveMQ CLuster is implemented?

The issue is not in TLS

The issue is on MQTT level during connection.

Mosquitto, Azure, AWS works.

I am also having this issue. I’m using BG95 and this is quite frustrating…

I found the resolution to be enabling SNI on the BG95 by doing:
AT+QSSLCFG=“SNI”,“Your SSL Context ID”,1 for example:
AT+QSSLCFG=“SNI”,1,1 worked for me

Here’s what SNI is for reference: