Https webhook and websocket?

Second newbe comer question:

I teach a robotics course and wish for multiple ways to connect devices. HiveMQ does static webpage websockets really well, checkout my version here.

I assume an MQTT arduino connection will be easy (I have better test that soon), but my concern is I can’t seem to get a HTTPS connection working.

My example https static website is here. Many small Wifi devices can’t do complex websockets but could do a simple https request.

Is this not doable on hiveMQ, or is it something I could get going with a bit of effort.

Hello @rocksetta!

Thanks for the sharing the examples, they look great! By default HiveMQ uses an MQTT connection over TC/IP with support for websockets as you have displayed in your examples. Out of the box HiveMQ does not offer a way to create MQTT connections via HTTPS requests but this is something that could be done with some customizations/effort on your end.

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Hi @rocksetta,

chiming in here, not sure if I oversee something but isn’t this what you are looking for: Listeners :: HiveMQ Documentation.

Out of curiosity against what kind of HiveMQ broker do you test against? The public broker (has no secure listener), HiveMQ cloud (has secure listener) or your own setup?