Windows mqtt-cli.exe not working?

I’m trying to get started with HiveMQ. I have followed the instructions at:

but when I navigate in command prompt to my extracted folder and type ‘mqtt-cli.exe’ it shows:

←[1mUsage:←[21m←[0m ←[1m←[33mmqtt←[39m←[21m←[0m [←[3m←[33m-hV←[39m←[23m←[0m] { pub | sub | shell }

MQTT Command Line Interpreter.

←[3m←[33m-h←[39m←[23m←[0m, ←[3m←[33m–help←[39m←[23m←[0m Show this help message and exit.
←[3m←[33m-V←[39m←[23m←[0m, ←[3m←[33m–version←[39m←[23m←[0m Print version information and exit.

←[1m←[33mpub←[39m←[21m←[0m, ←[1m←[33mpublish←[39m←[21m←[0m Publish a message to a list of topics
←[1m←[33msub←[39m←[21m←[0m, ←[1m←[33msubscribe←[39m←[21m←[0m Subscribe an mqtt client to a list of topics
←[1m←[33mshell←[39m←[21m←[0m, ←[1m←[33msh←[39m←[21m←[0m Starts MqttCLI in shell mode, to enable interactive mode with further sub commands.

after this, I enter:

mqtt sub -h -p 8883 -s -u admin -pw -t ‘my/test/topic’

but it says mqtt is not recognized as an internal or external command.

any suggestions?

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Seems like the text format used is wrong.
Maybe rather post it under the MQTT-CLI topic rather?
I can, but then I would just duplicate.