Can't install MQTT cli on windows

Hello, I am new to MQTT Cli. I seem to have problems installing mqtt cli on windows.

I downloaded the zip file, extracted. the mqtt-cli.exe file opens and closes immediately. the mqtt-cli-shell.cmd loads, but non of the commands are working. I have java version 17 installed, but that should not interfere with installation.

in mqtt-cli-shell.cmd

  • when i run shell -l, it gives Unmatched argument at index 0: ‘shell’

Hi oldj16,

Were you ever able to resolve the issues you had with MQTT CLI?

From your description of the problems, I can offer these suggestions (without knowing a bit more):

– mqtt-cli.exe is a command line utility meant to be run from an already open terminal (Windows Command Prompt or Powershell terminal window for example) or called from a script.

Due to this, when we open it from a Windows folder (like Downloads or wherever it may have been extracted to) in the GUI, all that will happen is a quick terminal window opens, then disappears (since the command line believes the application has run and is finished).

Try launching Command Prompt or Powershell, change directory to wherever you’ve extracted mqtt-cli.exe, and try running any mqtt-cli.exe commands there.

– when using the shell mode, I also noticed shell -l produces the “index 0” error. I will ask our internal team for a review of the Windows mqtt-cli to check on this. In the meantime, I noticed any other documented commands (other than shell -l) used in the shell mode work, such as connecting to a cluster, publishing, subscribing etc, so it is hopefully working for you!

Please let us know if you’re still seeing any issues using MQTT CLI on Windows, and thanks for your interest in HiveMQ and MQTT

Seth - HiveMQ Support