HiveMQ CLI hexadecimal values

I used the MQTT cli to test my first connection. I followed the guide and installed the software under windows and all works as expected. I can subscribe to a topic and receive what other instance publishes.

Only that I don’t want to send text and I don’t want to receive text. Instead, I want to sent and receive hex data in byte . For example, send 0x11 0x12.

Is there a command specifier that does the job?

Hi Marco,

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I’m afraid that it is not possible with the MQTT CLI at the moment. Would you be using MQTT CLI on the receiving end too?

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No I will use a smartphone and a custom made board equipped with a microcontroller (basically the app will publish non-ascii code and the controller reads that code and perform task and viceversa)
I wanted to test only the APP by using the CLI client, without the custom made board, but if not possible my solution would be to convert the non ascii code into ascii code