User properties in HiveMQ Cloud Kafka integration

This article: Bidirectional IoT Messaging between MQTT and Apache Kafka explains how Kafka records can be used to dynamically generate MQTT publish messages, using the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka.

I am interested in going the other way around, i.e. converting a MQTT message (containing user properties) to a Kafka record with the user properties included in the record. Is it possible to achieve this in the HiveMQ Cloud pay as you go or free tier? I have been doing some testing and I expect that this is not possible but I would be very happy to be proven wrong if that is the case.

Hi @mekker ,

You are referring to the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka, which refers to a self-hosted HiveMQ Enterprise cluster or a Dedicated HiveMQ Cloud flavor, but you have posted in the HiveMQ Cloud category of the community forum, so I am wondering which kind of HiveMQ is this about? If you possess a HiveMQ Enterprise license, you can use the HiveMQ Customer Support Portal: Jira Service Management

If it is about the HiveMQ Cloud, that has recently enabled the Kafka Integration for selected accounts, then did you see and try the Kafka to MQTT integration:

If you see this option in the console for the cluster and did you already try it? What was the outcome?

Did it work for you, including the user properties, or not? If you refer to the User Properties, your client should comply with MQTT specification v.5, is that the case? What is the MQTT client that you use and how do you publish?

Let us know, if you would like to discuss your use case with the HiveMQ Cloud Team or get consulting on your specific use case.

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Dasha from HiveMQ Support Team

Ok, so this was maybe a little confusing to refer to the article about the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka. I am using the HiveMQ Cloud free tier right now and I will upgrade to the pay as you go tier if the testing turns out successful but I would like to avoid going for the self-hosted HiveMQ Enterprise cluster or the Dedicated HiveMQ Cloud (mainly because it will be hard to justify the costs right now, although the case may be different in a few year’s time). I was trying to refer to the correct HiveMQ version by asking “Is it possible to achieve this in the HiveMQ Cloud pay as you go or free tier?” but the context made it confusing.

I have tried the Kafka integration for HiveMQ Cloud that you are referring to but I am interested in the HIVEMQ TO KAFKA integration (not the KAFKA TO HIVEMQ integration). I have successfully connected the Kafka integration to Azure Event Hubs but as far as I can tell the user properties sent through the Kafka Integration does not seem to end up in Azure Event Hubs. I am, however, not sure whether these user properties get lost in the MQTT to Kafka conversion within HiveMQ Cloud or if Azure Event Hubs simply can’t process the Kafka record containing the user properties. Anyway, the payload of the MQTT-message gets through to Azure Event Hubs.

I have been using the MQTT CLI (Publish - MQTT CLI) on my local computer for publishing MQTT messages, so yes, it is complient with the MQTT 5 specifications.

If it is possible, I would be very happy to get consulting on my specific case.

Hi again mekker,

I apologize for the delay in response. Since official support for Azure Event Hubs in the integration is still a future goal, our internal cloud team would like to confer with you on your use case - can you introduce yourself via an email to ?

Seth - HiveMQ Support