Teltonika FMB003

Has anyone here any experience/examples of using HiveMQ with a OBD2 device like a teltonika FMB003?

Hello @Geert,

I checked the manual and datasheet of “teltonika FMB003” and couldn’t find out whether this device even supports the MQTT protocol.
This means if there is no support for MQTT then “teltonika FMB003” will not work with HiveMQ and we sadly can’t really help you in this case.

Maybe you might want to contact the support of Teltonika to find out if FMB003 supports the MQTT protocol and if it supports MQTT if they have examples how their device can connect to an MQTT broker (HiveMQ).

Michael from the HiveMQ team

Well, I found an article on Flespi and thought I’d ask on the HiveMQ forum.