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Hi everyone,

I am new to HiveMQ but am very pleased with documentation, packaging and the broker itself. For a small project I would like to monitor HiveMQ via sys topics and the plugin looks like the right tool for the job.

Installation should be straightforward: “Copy the jar file to your <HIVEMQ_HOME>/plugins folder”, but I cannot find the aforementioned JAR in the repo. Could anyone help me out with a link, please? I already cleaned my glasses and used Github’s search functionality…

Thank you very much!


Hi Frank,

Thank you for the kind words!
You are referring to a HiveMQ plugin, from an outdated, no longer supported HiveMQ version.
Current HiveMQ version (4.x and CE) do no longer support $SYS topics.
A list of currently available extensions for can be found here

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Hi Florian,

thanks for the super-swift reply! I was afraid you would say that although it it not mentioned in the repo nor the main website. :-/

So… what are my options to monitor the CE broker? Only JMX?


Hi Frank,

you can use the influxdb or promtheus extension, whom you can find and download from the marketplace that Florian has linked.
To further help you set up monitoring two blog posts:

So that you are not surprised, compared to HiveMQ EE the CE version doesn’t have that many metrics:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-01 um 12.40.18

Michael from the HiveMQ team

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Hi guys,

being Landshut-based engineers, you certainly can relate to the to the feelings of “mit Kanonen auf Spatzen schießen” and “There must be a better way!”.

Prometheus, Grafana and Influx are way too heavy for my use case, but thanks for the links. Has anyone of you worked with jmxquery? Alternatively, the influx line protocol would be an option, if that’s what your plugin is using. Or…?!

The list of metrics you posted, @michael_w is sufficient, for my case. I have not used HiveMQ for too long but over unreliable connections and it worked flawlessly. In the worst case I would skip the monitoring entirely.

Best wishes from Ingolstadt,

Hi Frank,

anything that can work with JMX can be used, so I don’t see a reason why jmxquery shouldn’t work. For example for the image above I used the jconsole tool (shipped with java sdk).

Alternatively you can use the Prometheus extension without Grafana, as the extension exposes the metrics via an endpoint (default: localhost:9399/metrics). You would only need to download the extension and unzip it into the extensions folder.

Hint: The config for JMX lies in the run script (search for “JMX Monitoring”) if you wan’t/need to change something.

Servus from Landshut,

Hallo Michael,

thanks a lot for your time and your suggestions! The Prometheus extension works exactly as described and I will scrape the relevant data from there.

With this issue closed, I would like to share why I like HiveMQ so much: It is self-contained and works out of the box. Sure, Mosquitto is in basically all distribution repos and VerneMQ offers a lot of download formats but downloading, unzipping and simply starting is not offered by the competition.

Thanks again and all the best,