HiveMQ CE as Docker container with prometeus extension?


I am running hivemq-ce in a container, together with some other container in a docker-compose environment.
Now I want to monitor the mqtt server. Grafana, Prometeus and InfluxDB are running. But how? I found some tutorial how to install prometeus- and influxdb-extension into an extension directory. But no hint what’s to do if HiveMQ is running as a container.

Any hint?

Hi @Fantaa ,

Thank you for your interest in MQTT and HiveMQ, welcome to the community!

To monitor a HiveMQ broker, you need to

  • add and enable the Prometheus Monitoring Extension in the HiveMQ broker’s extensions directory
  • configure the Prometheus with a target to scrape from the HiveMQ broker’s /metrics endpoint
  • add the Prometheus Datasource and the HiveMQ Cluster Dashboard to the Grafana

You can refer to an example docker-compose.yml in this public repo.

I hope it helps.
Kind regards,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team