How do know online users count and topics in HIVEMQ CE

hi all,
I have downlaod and install hivemq CE in Ubuntu system 20.04. and It seems run well.
I tell my friends come to use this mqtt broker. but how can i know how many user online and topic?

Hi @youjunjer,

you have to options:

via Metrics, shows only how much:

  • for user online: com.hivemq.networking.connections.current
  • for amount of subscription: com.hivemq.subscriptions.overall.current

or you create an extension, if you want it more detailed information:

Hope this helps,
Michael from the HiveMQ team

What is meant by “via metrics”?

Still looking for best way to get statistics from the Hivemq CE broker.

Hi @sanjmeh,

the public extension SDK exposes the metric registry which can be used to access the metrics and do whatever you want with them, but most likely the information is written into a database. We offer some free monitoring extensions that do this already + a blog post how to set this up:

You could also access the metrics via the Jconsole.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks. I am studying grafana. Seems a lot of work to set it up, as it involves InfluxDB config too.
Is there a readymade solution I can try out? Plug and play types.

Hi @sanjmeh ,

This blog article describes how to set up HiveMQ monitoring without InfluxDB:

You can take a look how I set it up with Docker. You can also download this sample dashboard and import it to your Grafana.

Hope this helps,
Dasha from HiveMQ Team

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Many thanks. And sorry for the delayed response. Will keep this in my pipeline.