Sparkplug Essentials Navigation

I’ve come across a nice Sparkplug Essentials series done by HiveMQ: Introduction to MQTT Sparkplug (

My question, is how would I navigate to this series within the HiveMQ website? It does not appear in the “University” area, so I’m wondering if there are other useful resources I’m somehow missing like this?

HiveMQ University | Professional MQTT Courses & Certifications for IoT Developers

Maybe this, and the Security series could be added to the University section of the website making them easier to find?

Hello @davemays ,

The full “Sparkplug Essentials” series can be found here, as a direct link.

At this time, we are actively working to improve our offerings available within HiveMQ university, and I will most definitely pass this detail along to our team for the future, as we’d like to ensure that the University offers all of the documentation, guides, and blogs that HiveMQ has to offer!

Aaron from the HiveMQ Team

Thanks! The offerings have been very helpful thanks for all the work on them!