Getting started with MQTT

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In case you are new to MQTT protocol itself, don’t worry. We got you covered!
The perfect starting point to gain a solid basic knowledge of the de-facto IoT standard protocol and its properties and features is our very own MQTT Essentials Blog post series.

Here’s a list of all the topics we covered in this popular and highly praised series.

MQTT Basics

MQTT Features

MQTT Specials

Feel free to add any feedback on the series to this topic.

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I tried to do a first test of MQTT using “MQTT Dashboard” and “MQTT Websocket client”. What must I configure in “ClientID”, “Username” and “Password” of MQTT Websocket client? I need to do some prior registration to use the MQTT Dashboard?

Hi @fbianc,

Welcome to the forum.
Awesome to see you are interested in and getting started with MQTT and HiveMQ!
You can leave the Username and Password field empty and can choose any ClientID you like.
No registration is necessary. Just connect, subscribe and publish as you like :slight_smile:
Let us know, if we can help you with anything.

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Hi I have been given a project by my college to improve scalability in MQTT. I have no idea about the steps. How can I increase Scalability.
I’m new to this sorry if its a dumb question.

Hi @manoj,
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I like your question and I think the community has something to say about that huge topic.
I’d suggest you open a dedicated thread to increase visibility.
You posted a response to the the general “about / welcome” post of the MQTT forum.
Looking forward to fruitful discussions.
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