Serverless vs Starter Connection

I’m having trouble connecting to a starter cluster with username/password credentials. The client I’m connecting has credentials I’ve generated in Access Management, but it looks like the connection is failing at the server key exchange. I have used MQTT Explorer which also fails to connect. mqtt-cli.exe is able to connect (I see the client in HiveMQ control center) with the following error message:

I have tested the exact same setup (with alternate credentials) using a serverless (free) cluster, and the connection is successful.

Any guidance on why the connection is failing on the starter broker?

Below are wireshark traces from the 2 cluster connection attempts.
Failed connection to starter:

Successful connection to serverless:

Hello @earob

Welcome to HiveMQ Community! There is a known issue that could prevent MQTT CLI connection to a secured broker that was fixed in MQTT CLI version 4.21. Could you please give it a try using this new version and share the results?

Kind regards,
Diego from HiveMQ Team

Hi Diego

Both the MQTT CLI v4.20 and v4.21 are able to connect using credentials. My issue is the nrf9160 device I am using is unable to connect to the starter broker using credentials. My device is able to connect to the free cloud broker I have setup in my cluster using credentials, but it is unable to connect to the starter (paid) cloud broker using credentials. Any guidance on getting connected to the starter broker?

Thank you,

Hi Eric, Cloud starter tickets are handled through JSM cloud project, and i have created CLOUD-149 to follow up further on priority. You should be getting an email notification soon on ticket creation. Thanks.